Routine soin cheveux : pourquoi et comment limiter les produits en plastique ?

Hair Care Routine: Why and How to Limit Plastic Products?

Plastic production is growing exponentially: today, the vast majority of our cosmetics and hair care products have plastic packaging. And yet, the use of this material is not without risks.
Find out why plastic is dangerous for the planet and human health, and opt for Cair hair care routine: a clean, healthy alternative that respects your hair and the environment.

What impact does plastic have on the environment?

Plastic: a polluting material

Every year, according to WWF, almost 11,000 tonnes of plastic are dumped on the French Mediterranean coast. Most plastic products are impossible to recycle: they are either incinerated, releasing numerous greenhouse gasses, or they accumulate in nature. As a result, a "continent of plastic" was discovered in the Pacific in 1997. According to a study published in the journal Nature, this vortex of waste extends over more than 1.6 million km2. Sadly, this surface area continues to grow.

Plastic packaging: health implications

As well as being a highly polluting material, plastic also represents a major health risk. Constant exposure to plastic can cause respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive and gastrointestinal problems. And yet plastic remains one of the most widely used materials in our daily lives, particularly in our bathrooms.
Faced with these alarming facts, it's vital to change our habits, starting with our shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products. Adopt a healthy and ecological hair care routine with Cair, your hair beauty expert.

Opt for a clean hair care routine with Cair

Refillable glass bottles

In order to protect the environment, we have opted for refillable glass bottles. For each product of our hair care routine - fortifying serum, natural shampoo and detangling mist - we offer single-material refills: fully recyclable, they are perfectly in line with our eco-responsible approach. Cair hair care products are designed to be reused, not thrown away: a step forward in reducing our waste.

A natural composition based on rice water

Guided by our desire to take care of the planet, as well as your hair, we also make sure that our products contain no ingredients that are harmful to you. That's why our fortifying serum, detangling mist and natural shampoo are free from sulfates and silicones. Made from natural ingredients such as rice water, they're gentle on the scalp, leaving your hair hydrated, voluminous and shiny for longer.

Discover the benefits of rice water for your hair: a natural formula for a gentle and effective hair care routine.

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