A 3-step routine

Massage, Wash, Protect

Three basic actions supported by three high-performance products to quickly regain mass and a natural glow. Cair simplifies the hair ritual and focuses on the essentials, in three refillable glass bottles



Dull, oily hair... damaged lengths... chronic hair loss... irritated scalp, dandruff...

All of these problems are not isolated symptoms to be treated on a case-by-case basis but the result of a global ecosystem in imbalance.

An ecosystem in 3 dimensions:

The scalp, roots and hair fiber are the 3 interdependent ecosystems whose balance will ensure the beauty and health of your hair in the long term.

To maintain and regenerate them over the days, a suitable ritual is necessary: ​​which respects the hair microbiota, regenerates the tissues of the skull, protects and naturally nourishes the fibers.

This is our Cair promise.

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100% active

Traditional hair care products are unfortunately made up of 70% purified water and therefore inert. At Cair we have replaced the water in our formulas with highly dosed active rice, grape and bamboo waters.

Added with active ingredients from the most cutting-edge Franco-Korean cosmetic technologies and plant nutrients super-activated by fermentation, our formulas are 100% active, 100% effective, 100% care.

100% CLEAN

Our range does not contain any controversial ingredients. All our products are formulated without silicone, sulfate, stripping or artificially covering ingredients.

Our formulas are suitable for the most sensitive skin* and respect the microbiota* of the scalp. (*clinical tests)

Our ingredients are more than 95% of natural origin, mostly organic and of French origin, their extraction processes are carefully checked to preserve the quality of their nutrients.

100% effective

The results are striking and immediate. Your hair is shinier and lighter. They stay clean longer. The lengths are naturally sheathed and their softness is simply irresistible.

In the long term, your hair detoxifies and brightens day after day, your scalp becomes healthier and regains its balance. Regrowth is more intense and rapid.

100% FUN

Rediscover the true pleasure of taking care of your hair in luxurious glass bottles, discreet scents designed like real perfumes, a 100% pleasure application.

A very nice foaming agent for shampoo. An immediate feeling of freshness and soothing for the serum. A great-smelling mist and a feeling of long-lasting protection for the mist.


Our mission: to put good and beautiful things back into your daily actions thanks to our sublime refillable glass bottles.

Our luxurious bottles, made from traditional Italian glassware, are adorned with an elegant twisted ring in cellulose acetate, an emblematic hairdressing material, made from wood fiber.

Their slightly chunky format makes them particularly stable and durable.

Our eco-designed refills, 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials, allow you to drastically reduce the presence of plastic in your bathrooms.

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  • Shampoing naturel sans sulfate Cair


    It is at the scalp level that the health of your hair is built. Their strength, growth speed and density will depend on its vitality and balance.

    The scalp is the richest microbiota in your body after your intestines.

    Regenerating this ecosystem is therefore the key to its health.


    The roots reflect the vitality of your hair mass. Excess sebum, dandruff, lack of tone and volume...

    They deserve to be taken care of from the shampoo stage to preserve the ecosystem and the microbiota in which they take root and regenerate their natural capacity for balance.

  • Hair fiber

    The hair is ultra permeable to water. On contact it opens and changes shape... this is why we have filled our formulas with more than 40% active waters, something never before seen in a hair product. Better than an oil that does not cross the barrier of the scales, our rice, grape and bamboo waters incredibly gently penetrate the hair to provide extraordinary anti-oxidant and naturally sheathing properties.

cair by the right brush

After putting La Bonne Brosse in our hands, and rehabilitating with it the incomparable virtues of brushing on the beauty of hair, Flore des Robert and Pauline Laurent continue to rethink our hair routine.

By creating sustainable products that teach us to take care of our hair differently.

By reducing our consumption of cosmetics with questionable composition.

By summoning the most powerful of nature to restore our hair’s energy and primary beauty.

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