Pourquoi faut-il privilégier des soins cheveux sans sulfate ?

Why use sulfate-free hair care?

Sulfate is a chemical product that is generally used as a cleaning agent. It is often found in cosmetic products (shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo for greasy hair, etc.), but also in household products. So the question arises : do we really want to clean our hair with a product that contains the same ingredients as our washing-up liquid ? Find out more about the dangers of sulfates for the scalp and our alternatives : sulfate-free hair care products that are both gentle and effective and that protect your hair and scalp.


What are the dangers of sulfate for the scalp?
1. Sulfate in the hair: itchings of the scalp
2. Hair dehydration: another danger of sulfates

Why not choose a sulfate-free hair care routine?
1. Cair sulfate-free hair serum
2. Cair sulfate-free shampoo
3. Cair sulfate-free detangling spray

What are the dangers of sulfate for the scalp?

Sulfate is particularly effective at getting rid of dirt. What's more, it produces a lovely and creamy lather : that's why it is present in almost all shampoos, including organic shampoos. Unfortunately, it also has a number of undesirable effects : dehydrated hair, discoloration, itchy hair... Find out more about the dangers of sulfates so you can avoid them.

Sulfate in the hair: itchings of the scalp

Sulfate is a very powerful surfactant, which is why it often causes allergic reactions and itchy scalps. The body often defends itself by producing an excessive amount of sebum, leading to the appearance of dandruff. While sebum helps nourish the hair and keep it healthy when properly regulated, too much of it can have undesirable effects. In some cases, sulfate can even trigger eczema.

Hair dehydration: another danger of sulfates

To be healthy, our hair needs to be properly nourished. It is the sebum produced naturally by our sebaceous glands that keeps it moisturized on a daily basis. However, sulfate is such a strong detergent that it destroys the sebaceous glands. What's more, it's usually combined with silicone: a substance that acts like a shiny sheath, but which in reality conceals the damaging effects of the sulfate. Used over the long term, silicone suffocates the hair and prevents treatments from penetrating the hair fiber. In the end, your hair gets dry and fragile. So what are the possible alternatives?

Why not choose a sulfate-free hair care routine?

With your hair's well-being in mind, we've developed a range of clean, high-quality products to guarantee a gentle and healthy hair routine. Unlike traditional products, our hair care products are sulfate-free and silicone-free. Made from natural ingredients, they are suitable for all hair types: oily hair, dry hair, frizzy hair...

Using a sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo may take a little getting used to. First of all, you'll need to get used to its less frothy texture. Due to the absence of silicones, you may also feel that your hair is less soft. This is perfectly normal : you need to give your hair microbiota time to regenerate. But after a few weeks of use, you'll start to feel the benefits of your sulfate-free shampoo: your hair will be healthier, fuller and much stronger than before. And good news: you won't need to wash your hair as often as before!

Cair sulfate-free hair serum

Treat your hair to exceptional care with Cair Sulphate-Free Hair Serum. Designed to stimulate the vitality of your scalp and make your hair denser, this sulfate-free hair treatment rebalances the capillary ecosystem and encourages regrowth thanks to its pre-biome and caffeine complex. If you have fine hair or suffer from postpartum hair loss, this anti-hair loss serum is the perfect addition to your hair routine. After just a few days' use, your hair will be better nourished, more beautiful and stronger!

Cair sulfate-free shampoo

Discover our sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoo: your best ally for gently cleansing your scalp. Thanks to its over-concentration of active waters - 40% rice water, organic grape water, bamboo water and fermented raspberry water - this sulfate-free hair care product moisturizes and soothes your hair while respecting your microbiota, i.e. the microorganisms present on the surface of your scalp. No more itching or dry skin!

Cair sulfate-free detangling spray

Because it contains no silicone, Cair shampoo should be supplemented by our detangling spray to add shine and softness to your hair. Thanks to its slightly acidic pH and high concentration of antioxidant plant nutrients, Cair detangling spray cares for the scales and protects hair from external damage for simply perfect results. To be used after each shampoo, this sulfate-free hair care product also gently detangles tangles.

Say yes to a healthy, natural hair routine with Cair!

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