Pourquoi privilégier un shampoing naturel et clean ?

Why choose a natural clean shampoo?

Not sure which shampoo to choose? Find out why traditional shampoos can damage your hair and how you can avoid it by using natural shampoos.

How to choose your shampoo?

Beware of traditional shampoos

Do you want to know a secret? Choosing the right shampoo is the key to have beautiful hair! Unfortunately, this is a decision that is often taken lightly. And with so many hair care products available on the market, it's not always easy to make the right choice. Because of that, most people opt for unsuitable shampoos that are full of sulfates, parabens, silicones and other chemicals. They might be particularly powerful and effective against dirt, however they are also far too aggressive for the scalp, causing numerous problems. Itching, discoloration, dehydration... Why inflict this on our hair when you can avoid it?

The benefits of a natural shampoo

Choose a natural shampoo in order to take care of your hair and prevent damage. Unlike traditional shampoos that are full of chemical products, parabens, silicones and sulfates are largely or completely excluded in a natural shampoo. They are replaced by natural products: active waters, hyaluronic acid, plant proteins... Completely risk-free ingredients that not only respect your capillary microbiota, but also nourish and coat your hair naturally.

Which natural shampoo should you choose?

Cair natural shampoo: the best clean alternative

Because we care about your hair, we have developed a natural shampoo formulated with rice water: a healthy and clean formula that fully respects your hair's ecosystem. Why choose a rice water shampoo? Because there's nothing better for moisturizing your hair. Rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals and starch, rice water nourishes hair much better than pure water, present in most shampoos. Your hair is stronger, fuller and more beautiful. What's more, Cair natural shampoo is sulfate- and silicone-free: no more damaged hair or scalp irritation!

How to use your natural shampoo:

1 - Start by detangling your hair

2 - Wet your hair

3 - Place a small amount of your natural shampoo in the palm of your hand and emulsify by adding a little water

4 - Massage your scalp along the sides, back and front...

5 - Finally, rinse thoroughly with a strong stream of water. When you first use it, it may feel slightly crunchy: this is simply due to the absence of sulfates and silicones. No need to worry: your hair microbiota is regenerating!

Complete your hair routine with our fortifying hair serum and detangling mist

Discover our two other hair products: our fortifying hair serum and detangling conditioner mist to complete your daily care routine.
The strengthening hair serum must be applied before each natural shampoo and directly to the hair roots to stimulate the scalp. As for the detangling mist, it makes detangling easier after each shampoo, while protecting your fibers from external aggressors (heat, pollution, humidity...).

Together, our Cair hair care products contribute to the beauty and health of your hair.

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