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The Cair Detangling Comb

The Cair Detangling Comb

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Our Cair 100% cellulose acetate hair comb allows a deep and gentle hair detangling that respects the hair fiber. This material from the Jura region of France combines modern technology and traditionnal know-how. With its efficiency and unique design, our hair comb will become an essential part of your routine.

Whether you have thick, straight, thin or curly hair, our detangling hair comb is perfectly adapted to everyone and every hair type. On dry hair or on wet hair in the shower, your comb will detangle your hair without unpleasant snags.

Thanks to its wide tooth, our Cair hair comb gently detangles your hair. It’s also the perfect companion for your hair brush. Even the toughest knots won’t be able to resist you!

Although it is fairly hard-wearing, you’ll need to look after your detangling hair comb as carefully as it looks after your hair. Cellulose acetate is a soft and noble material that requires special care. Be careful not to drop your comb on hard surface, as this can weaken the material.


Composé à 100% d’acétate de cellulose, il est fabriqué de manière artisanale dans le Jura. Son design moderne et son toucher velouté sont le résultat d’un précieux savoir-faire.

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Comment utiliser The Cair Detangling Comb ?

Notre peigne démêlant en acétate de cellulose est idéal pour décupler les bienfaits de votre routine Cair. Ses dents larges en acétate toute douce sont parfaites pour faire pénétrer les soins, en particulier pour démêler votre chevelure après l'application de notre brume.

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