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N.05 THE VOLUME & STYLE Round Brush

N.05 THE VOLUME & STYLE Round Brush

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Benefits of the Cair Volume & Style Hair Brush

Are you looking for the accessory that will help you achieve perfect brushings? The Cair round hair brush will satisfy all your needs! Whether your hair is fine or thick, straight or curly, with this round boar bristle brush, you'll enhance your hair and get smooth bangs and ultra-defined lengths and ends in the blink of an eye.

Protected and shiny hair

Gorged with keratin, the boar bristles of the Cair Volume & Style round hair brush deeply nourish your hair, providing it with natural hydration. Moreover, its natural properties also help to perfectly distribute sebum throughout your hair.

Your ally for perfect brushing

As well as being a beautiful brush with a meticulous, ergonomic and unique design, the Cair round hair brush is also the accessory that will enable you to achieve brushings worthy of a hairdresser!

How to use the Cair Volume & Style Round Hair Brush

Make room for the Cair Round Hair Brush in your hair routine and you'll no longer need to use chemicals or hot plates to style your hair the way you want. Because our goal is to simplify your life, the boar bristle fibers of this bangs brush make brushing easy by gently grabbing your hair.

Composition of Cair Volume & Style Round Boar Bristle Brush

We make it a priority to offer you the very best! That's why the boar bristles of our round hair brush are made from 100% pure keratin. While the handle is made from 70% plant fibers and cellulose acetate: a sustainable, biodegradable material.


Les poils de sanglier de notre brosse pour brushing sont de la meilleure qualité disponible, composés à 100% de kératine pure. Le manche est composé à 70% de fibres végétales et est en acétate de cellulose : une matière durable et biodégradable.

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Comment utiliser N.05 THE VOLUME & STYLE Round Brush ?

Fabriquée 100% en poils de sanglier d'extrême qualité, la brosse ronde brushing N.05 Volume & Style attrape délicatement vos cheveux pour vous permettre d’obtenir un brushing facile et ce, sans l’utilisation de plaques chauffantes ou de produits chimiques qui abîment vos cheveux. Elle est idéale pour lisser une grange, ses longueurs ou travailler les boucles. Utiliser en racines, elle est parfaite pour donner du volume, même sur cheveux courts.

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